Statement Spy

Analyze credit card statement fees in just minutes while producing an auto-generated savings analysis that is clean and easy to read for merchants.  

60 day money back guarantee!


Know how to use MS Excel? Awesome!
Statement Spy was built on an Excel platform to make it easy to use.

  • NEW Version 1.5.5 Update – You can now run comparisons for Tiered vs ICP Pricing!

Unlimited reports

Don’t pay per analysis anymore! You have the power to produce great looking and an unlimited number of statement reports right from your desktop.

🔒 Secure

Reports reside on your personal computer, so they are as secure as you are. It’s not hosted in the cloud where anyone can access the files… just you.

🎨 Custom branding

Import your company logo for use on the reports being sent to your clients. It’s as easy as importing a graphic into Excel and setting the ¬†position.

Hidden admin area

This covert section isn’t visible to your clients when printing or emailing PDF reports; allowing you to adjust rates and fees to meet savings goals discreetly.

Multiple pricing structures

Fully featured to report clients in either 3-tier, 4-tier or ICP pricing models. Plus, you have separate tabs for running reports as MOTO or Swiped accounts.

📊 Agent commission report

Now you can auto-estimate your monthly and annual residuals within the app. Each report is adjustable to the commission levels of the ISO and Agent for pin-point accuracy.

📎 Client PDF savings report

Export the statement analysis you generated into a PDF document as an email attachment to your clients. It’s a one page report that’s clean and easy to read.

🍂 Money back guarantee

Cancel at anytime within the first 60 days and receive a complete refund. No questions asked.