Statement Spy

Analyze credit card statement fees in just minutes while producing an auto-generated savings analysis that is clean and easy to read for merchants.  

60 day money back guarantee!


We only provide support related to the functionality and any bugs within the software itself. For any inquiries on software issues or questions, please use our contact form.


  • After you complete the purchase or registration for the free trial, the link will be on the receipt page. You can also access it from the email we send you with your order confirmation. If you don’t see your email within a few minutes, check your SPAM folder.
  • You’ll need to purchase either a monthly or annual subscription. After checkout, you’ll receive additional instructions in the Download Notes on your online and emailed Receipt on how to register your software and access the Authorization Code.
  • The file being downloaded is an application in EXE format. Some antivirus programs and browsers may issue a warning to you prior to downloading. It’s ok. We promise the file is safe to download and use. Besides, we developed this on a Mac and we don’t get viruses! 🙂
  • This is a standalone app, so you can install it wherever you would like. Most choose to install in their My Documents folder under a Statement Spy directory.
  • Although it’s an executable file, it still operates like an Excel file. You can copy the file and save as different client names for easy reference.
  • Not currently. The application will only work on Windows enabled devices. We are looking for options to bring this to the Mac. It’s our preferred operating system as well, so it’s a priority!
  • After purchase of either a monthly or annual subscription, email your contact information along with your Computer Code using our Activation form.
  • Once you’ve launched the application, select Statement Spy in the top menu bar. Then click the option for Register. This will launch a popup window containing your Computer Code and an input box for the Activation Code.
  • In Excel, look at the bottom of the screen on most setups. You should see several tabs for different pricing structures. You can setup your default pricing and then save for ease of future use.
  • We only provide support for the application. However, check our Training Resources section for recommended training videos and books. Reading some statements can require ninja skills, but can be mastered with a little practice. If you get one that you can’t decode and want for us to handle this for you, we can do this for $20 per statement analysis. Email us through the contact form for requesting this.

Training Resources

We do NOT provide support on how to read merchant statements. That being said, here are a couple resources for training purposes if you’re just getting started.

Statement Training – How to Read a Credit Card Processing Statement

Agent Training – Credit Card Processing for Sales Agents (Book)

It’s the first book written in collaboration with credit card processing and business experts from across the country,” says Bill Pirtle, C3ET president and guest “Street Smarts” columnist for the Green Sheet from April of 2011 through March of 2012. “The book is expected to standardize training for sales agents and ISOs (independent sales organizations). It will fill a niche that has been lacking.


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